never enough toast 16 September 2014

IMG_1934I cranked up the jelly making machine last Saturday after having frozen all the deep purple juice from our chokecherries. I’m not sure what it is about putting up your own jelly, jam, zucchini, tomatoes or whatever you’ve managed to grow in your garden or on your trees, but it just feels so good to see the jars lined up on the counter and later, in the pantry. It is the same for me when I get a deer or elk or antelope and all that meat is in the freezer.

It takes a lot of work, just like anything else worth doing and it reminds me that I have more strength than I give myself credit for. Now, if I could just figure out how to grow some coffee!

About Sally Gerard

I am a writer, runner, teacher, singer, guitar player, mom, lover, coffee drinker, hunter, antique tractor driver, horsewoman, sister, and lover of the outdoors. Did I mention that I love lighthouses?
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1 Response to never enough toast 16 September 2014

  1. julieburgii says:

    Yes! The jelly making machine in operation by two sisters in two states. I’ve got loads of cherry and raspberry, plus the tomato jam. Next year we are going to plant red currants and find the perfect crabapple trees to recreate that wonder from our growing up years. Jelly for everyone!


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