Reviews From You!

Here is what people are saying about Windows in the Loft:

You have an amazing ability to describe people, places, situations, everything.  It is important for young people to identify with someone like Isa that overcomes life’s obstacles with realistic resources and loving mentors. My Junior English teacher told her class “If you want to know someone, read what they write.” Your love comes through in “Windows In The Loft.”  Your love of horses, mountains, the outdoors, flowers, children, education and God are all there.  Your joy in life and eternal optimism are taken up by your main characters. Thank you for writing.”  (Connie H.)

“I am always looking for books that I can start reading and never put down until it’s over. When I finished this book I felt like I was leaving a world that I belonged in. The characters become like your family and you wanna be with them the whole journey!! This is a great book for anyone of any age, the story is an amazing one!!” (Sabrina)

This was definitely a page turner! Well written, moves at a good pace and can’t wait to see what happens next. She did leave an opening at the end for a sequel and I will look forward to see what happens to Isa next. The book combined my love of horses and my love of kids that need rescuing. It was definitely a great read. (PhotoKathy)

I loved this book! I felt like I was Isa and felt her pain and successes right with her. She overcomes such tragedy and tackles new adventures with great spirit! The vivid language created images that put me right next to her. I would highly recommend this book for any age. I can’t wait for the sequel. (Karen)

I enjoyed reading this book. I became Isa as she grew and matured, through her struggles as a young girl on the farm, through her adventures on other planets and on The Bounty. I wondered what had happened to our earth and if the humans on other planets were all like us. I am ready for a sequel. (Pamela P.)

Windows in the Loft was one of most unique story lines I’ve read. The premise of the story combines the elements that make for a good, enjoyable, don’t want to put down read: girl without family, horses, war, suffering, villains and heroes and hope! I’m anxiously waiting for a sequel! (Barbara E.)


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