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I am a writer, runner, teacher, singer, guitar player, mom, lover, coffee drinker, hunter, antique tractor driver, horsewoman, sister, and lover of the outdoors. Did I mention that I love lighthouses?

The Rosefire Writing Circle Continues

Originally posted on Live to Write – Write to Live:
One of the unintended consequences of the pandemic has been to welcome writers from far away to the Rosefire Writing Circle, a place for writers of all ages and abilities…

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Caramel Stack Cake 3 August 2021

The cake was dense with the use of so many eggs and butter. When I arrived after my hike, she said I had to wait until Trevor came home for lunch. How was I supposed to wait? To take my … Continue reading

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Writing Circles 20 July 2021

The thing about being a writer is that one must actually perform the act that makes one a writer. From what I can see on Twitter, with my fellow writers, sitting down to write can be the most difficult task … Continue reading

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Silver 29 June 2021

Silver was a grey mare. She was fairly well put together, even if slightly toed in on her front legs. “Be easy with that one,” Stu said as I led her out of the trailer, “she’s a bit spooky until … Continue reading

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The Hardest Move 28 May 2021

The hardest move to make is to bring something back to life. To capture her smile when Rebel’s wagging tail greets her at the door. To remember collapsing into giggles for no apparent reason until we couldn’t breathe, dropping the … Continue reading

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Inch By Inch 17 May 2021

I began running a tractor when we moved to northeast Colorado. This, in my mind, was basically large-scale gardening: corn, wheat, and hay. I knew how to work the ground before the planter or drill came through, to care for … Continue reading

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Running Out of Time 9 April 2021

Running out of time. That was the message she kept receiving. It came by text, by Zoom, by email, on Facebook, on Twitter. Oh that Tweet! “Are you settling?” it said. And she responded into the void, “Yes.” “Stop,” it … Continue reading

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Eight Years 24 March 2021

This year marks eight years since our youngest sister, Cathy, was torn from us by unspeakable violence. I find myself better able to think about her, or at least I can remember her without so many tears coming unbidden. Something … Continue reading

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Each Morning 24 February 2021

I’m working on a poem and struggling because of the tight form. So far:   Each morning I make my bed and check it off my list. But still I feel my feet of lead, losing them there in the … Continue reading

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Finding Home 29 January 2021

I love to read other people’s stories. To live in another’s set of shoes and experience their life and their world is just as fantastic a journey as any good fiction. Nancy Parker’s Finding Home A Memoir is a story … Continue reading

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