I. Love. You. End of Story

Jess is working her way through college to become a teacher. Sam grew up on the family farm. Meeting across the cornfield, it is love at first sight.

Jess knows that when Sam discovers why her own father rejected her, he will stop loving her too. Sam cannot convince Jess that his love is bigger than whatever secret she is hiding. Can he convince her that she is worthy of love?

Excerpt: Worthy of Love Excerpt

Available now on Amazon: Worthy of Love


This was a well written story about love and forgiveness. It is insightful and demonstrates several different kinds of love, including a love of horses, family and friends. It is also about overcoming. The angst of the main character is real and easily felt. The storyline is fast paced and is a hard book to put down. PhotoKathy

Heart tugging story of pain, hate, loss overcome by love of people we choose as family. Resonated with me and I’m sure will with others who’ve been deeply hurt by biological family. Found myself praying the main character, Jess, would realize she is worthy of love. This story can help us all to know we are too. Barbara E.

A charming story about love, horses, and finding your true self. I loved reading this book the second I picked it up. You can’t help but fall in love with all 4 of the main characters, Sam, Jess, Bren, and Matt! Their relationships are super endearing and show what it really means to be a family. Sabrina J.

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