An Alliance of Stars


Twelve year old Isa knows horses. She’s grown up with them on her family farm. When her mother dies soon after her father, Isa is left in the care of her family’s farmhand, Frank. But Frank isn’t the man Isa’s mother thought him to be. He has his own agenda for the farm and young Isa.

One peaceful morning turned into something unexpected when she encountered Captain Bane Lucas from the Space Alliance who was looking for a good horse. Intrigued by Isa’s profound equestrian knowledge, Captain Lucas opens her eyes to new possibilities of traveling in space.

While the stars offer hope and a new way of life for young Isa and a way to escape her oppressor, Frank, the farm is all that remains of her family. Can Isa leave her home planet and beloved horses to explore a completely different world or will she stay on her family farm where so many of her memories remain?

Isa’s courage and faith are tested as her decision forces her to discover herself anew.


I loved this book! I felt like I was Isa and felt her pain and successes right with her. She overcomes such tragedy and tackles new adventures with great spirit! The vivid language created images that put me right next to her. I would highly recommend this book for any age. I can’t wait for the sequel.

–Karen (Amazon review)


Windows in the Loft was one of most unique story lines I’ve read. The premise of the story combines the elements that make for a good, enjoyable, don’t want to put down read: girl without family, horses, war, suffering, villains and heroes and hope! I’m anxiously waiting for a sequel!

–Barbara (Amazon review)

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