Owls and Barns 6 January 2015

IMG_2382I can’t give up the Christmas lights. My tree is still up inside and my lights are still up outside. It’s such a balm to my spirit to look out in the dark and see the glow of those colored lights, or to wake up in the night and open my eyes and there is that beautiful tree standing testament to the birth of Christ, or heading out in the dark to run and returning to see the glow of color along our roof line. I know I need to begin to put them away, especially the tree as it begins to shed its needles.

Reluctant, IMG_2470God said to me in the sunset last night and in the rise of it this morning, “See, I surround you with peace and beauty each and every day. So, while I love that you celebrate the birth of My Son with light and beauty, you need not rely on that to bring you what nurtures your soul.” IMG_2468Well, that was my interpretation of what I saw.
Last night was made extra special. We were both struck by the setting sun, and then wandered into our evening. I sat working on the computer and a hunting show was on the TV. IMG_2455Both of us heard the sound, but I thought it was on the TV in the background. I got up and it came again, so we muted the sound and still heard it- an owl outside the north window. We used to hear them fairly often as they had a nest under the bridge a mile to the west, but had moved on some time ago.

Squinting into the dark, I saw the huge shape up on the old windmill tower just outside on the north of our house. Great horned owls are tremendous to see and this one was no exception. Hooting away at something we couldn’t fathom, he stayed there singing us to sleep and then flew off just after we’d gone to bed. IMG_2463Owls are considered signs of wisdom and good luck, and I felt that as I looked through the binoculars into its round yellow eyes. I think, perhaps, there was at least one less jack rabbit this morning, for due to the way their feathers are constructed, they are virtually silent as they glide over their intended meal, having first perched and silently spotted what might look good for supper.  They are the only animal that eat skunks, so, I’m a fan! They nest and mate in January and raise their young in winter. Amazing. I hope he, or she, returns tonight.

About Sally Gerard

I am a writer, runner, teacher, singer, guitar player, mom, lover, coffee drinker, hunter, antique tractor driver, horsewoman, sister, and lover of the outdoors. Did I mention that I love lighthouses?
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